Our Processes

Seeing is Believing

If we can’t communicate with you, how can we expect you to trust us with your audience?

Photo-realistic visuals, accurate layout plans and a full breakdown of costs ensure you’re with us at every stage.

The last thing you want is extra stress before your event so clear, concise installation instructions and packing lists are included whenever appropriate.

Efficient Use of Resources

All our products are designed to be as simple to construct and dismantle as possible. Negating the use of mixed materials is one of our key design principles.

Employing a modular approach to construction makes replacement and repair much easier and cheaper, thus increasing the lifespan of our products and minimising the cost-per-use.

Using wholly mechanical joints (i.e. not bonded or welded) makes end-of-life dismantling and recycling as easy as possible.

LED lighting and screen technology saves weight over more traditional alternatives, while proving significantly more durable in transit and greatly reducing on-site power requirements.

We’re not just talking about materials either. Simple construction and lightweight materials help ensure minimal labour and delivery requirements, maximising the environmental and economic proposition.

Cutting-Edge Production

Cutting edge innovation is what really sets us apart from the competition. Quite literally. Our digital cutting and finishing machines allow a fully digital workflow from concept all the way through to production and packaging.

Direct to Substrate printing dramatically cuts manual processing and eliminates the use of laminates, films and adhesives.

It’s not just the latest machinery and materials either. Using exactly the right tool for the job is an art as well as a science, and a skill only gained through experience.

Not only does this allow for much more creative design possibilities with absolute consistency of quality, but also enables us to minimise lead time, production costs and waste.

Long-Term Value

There’s much more to creating value for money than just the purchase price. Naturally we ensure every solution represents excellent value whatever the budget, applying intelligent design and material choice to achieve this.

But we go much further than that.

Picking and choosing the level of our involvement in the project means we add value where it matters most to you.

Simple, straightforward installation means less time on site and often negates the cost of experienced labour.

The lightweight construction greatly reduces not only installation time but transport and logistic costs.

Need to change a few key elements? The modular construction makes re-configuration and re-use child’s play, minimising cost per use and maximising the return on your investment.

100% recyclable materials and the avoidance of mixed materials in construction ensures minimal waste disposal costs – an obligation very often overlooked.

Go (Recon) Figure

We design every solution with the future in mind. By utilising a modular construction you can reconfigure the way our products function to best suit your requirements.

Whether this involves a new layout or graphics, the flexible and adaptable nature of our products make it easy to add, remove and transform elements.

This emphasis on re-use makes it easier to maintain consistency across all events while updating and evolving the design over time in an economical and considered fashion.

Manners Cost Nothing

We know the quality of our work means nothing unless it’s accompanied by a first class customer experience. To us this means a prompt response to all communications, a genuine interest in our clients and keeping you informed at every stage.

If you need a super-quick response or hit us with a tight deadline we’ll do everything we can to help. We’ll keep you updated on delivery and installation, and ensure you’re never on your own.

Our service doesn’t stop there either. When the time comes for your next event we fully evaluate previous activity to help inform the most effective approach.

So while our solutions are decidedly 21st century, we take a rather old-school approach to customer service. Perhaps that’s why so many of our new customers reach us through word of mouth; by not losing sight of how valuable they are we hope they’ll be with us long into the future.