Our Systems

Our Phormular?

Efficient design and production are central to everything we do at Phormular, and this is demonstrated through our innovative systems and solutions.


Innovative systems and materials are only half the story. We specialise in forming structures using the latest digital fabrication techniques, state-of-the-art machinery and cutting edge software.

From bending, creasing and folding to cutting, milling and stretching – we combine the most appropriate materials and manufacture with specialist design know-how to ensure unique, cost-effective results whatever the project


We design every solution with the future in mind. By utilising a modular construction you can re-imagine and reconfigure to best suit your requirements.

Whether this involves a new layout or graphics, the flexible and adaptable nature of our systems make it easy to add, remove and transform elements.

This emphasis on re-use makes it easier to maintain consistency across all events while updating and evolving the design over time in an economical and considered fashion.


Traditional custom-built solutions tend to be inefficient, particularly in material usage, transportation, labour and recyclability. This build method also relies heavily on the skill and understanding of the installation team and their interpretation of the design drawings. There is often limited scope for re-use and re-configuration compared with a modular solution.

Combining the bespoke feel of a traditional build with the benefits of a modular system while using less materials – that’s our Phormular.


Providing the highest quality solutions requires consideration of every aspect of the project.

Lightweight construction combined with strength and rigidity enables us to produce more creative solutions while saving resources in production, installation and logistics.

Innovative digital production reduces lead times, production costs and waste while allowing greater creativity.

Simple, straight-forward construction reduces labour costs and time on site.

A comprehensive and thoroughly-researched range of finishes, components and accessories enables us to provide honest, knowledgeable guidance on every aspect of the project.

You’ll see these considerations in all our work- and we’d love to show you what we can do for your business too.