Our modular aluminium system for solid panel solutions ensures a quick, efficient and ecological installation every time.

By combining ingenuity and simplicity of set up with a first-class finish you are guaranteed an elegant, functional and sustainable result.

Value-Added Solutions

Rental options give you the flexibility to minimise your financial outlay per show, or extend the capabilities of your existing inventory.

Simple, straightforward installation means less time on site and often negates the cost of experienced labour.

The lightweight construction greatly reduces not only installation time but transport and logistic costs.

Need to change a few elements? The modular construction makes re-configuration and re-use child’s play, minimising cost per use and maximising the return on your investment.

The re-usability of the system and the avoidance of mixed materials in construction ensures minimal waste disposal costs – an obligation very often overlooked.

Creative Freedom

By utilising a modular construction you can re-imagine and reconfigure to best suit your requirements.

Whether this involves a new layout or graphics, the flexible and adaptable nature of our systems make it easy to add, remove and transform elements.

This emphasis on re-use makes it easier to maintain consistency across all events while updating and evolving the design over time in an economical and considered fashion.

Our systems are the blank canvas for even the boldest creative ideas. Straight and curved walls, solid and fabric panels, backlit and audio visual integration can all be combined quickly and easily.

Almost any material or texture finish can be incorporated for virtually limitless design possibilities.

A Quick Fix

A well constructed framework is the basis for all successful projects. All our frames are fabricated from a lightweight yet incredibly strong aluminium alloy.

Because they are so easy to link, building and dismantling your stand takes a fraction of the time compared to traditional build methods and the same panels can be used to reinvent a new stand, show after show.

Thanks to the innovative cladding system, even the profiles can be rendered invisible for a sleek, bespoke finish.


All our frames, components and panels are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.

However we believe recycling should only be considered if re-use is no longer an option. The modular design and durable construction ensures re-use and re-deployment for a long product lifespan.

Sustainable and re-useable packaging solutions ensure optimal transportation efficiency helping reduce the size and number of vehicles required.

The lightweight construction reduces fuel and CO2 emissions in transit, installation labour and associated travel requirements, while minimising the need for additional handling equipment on-site.

Pack Neat and Tidy

Our modular system approach offers huge benefits to the logistics efficiency of your event. The lightweight frames and components can be packaged into a surprisingly small footprint, saving you money while reducing environmental impact.

Our re-useable, sustainable packing solutions reduce material usage while offering the highest levels of protection for your investment.

Perfectly Phormed

AluPhorm infill panels combine low weight and thickness with maximum design flexibility.

The panels are quick and easy to install, with the strength and rigidity to support a number of surface mounted or recessed components such as spotlights, display screens and even lockable door modules. The panels can be used for wall, ceiling and even floor elements.

No Heavy Metal

AluPhorm panels are 100% free from heavy metals – including lead and chromium, found in a number of composite panel products on the market.

Both the aluminium and core material can be re-used within the production cycle via a unique technical process and also 100% recycleable as post-consumer waste.

Our Systems