With simple installation and exceptional packaging efficiency, PhormTex fabric graphics are the perfect compliment to our range of structural solutions.

Ideal for large uninterrupted prints and lightboxes, all panels can be mounted quickly and easily for a seamless edge-to-edge look.

Supersize vs Superskinny

Graphics can be printed up to 3.1m wide and to a virtually unlimited length, for even the biggest of ideas.

Mounted into profiles less than 20mm deep, PhormTex is the ultimate in slimline display.

Minimal delivery costs and hassle-free installation make it perfect for supersize impact at a superskinny price.


PhormTex is a fantastic solution for applying large-format graphics to existing walls and structures.

With perfectly flat results regardless of wall finish, effortless installation and interchangeability, it’s easy to see why it is the natural choice for innovative retail display

Enlightened Thinking

Our fabric graphics can be backlit to create large-scale illuminated displays with huge impact. Integrated LightPhorm LEDs combine exceptionally long-life with low maintenance and energy consumption.

PhormTex has a number of significant benefits over acrylic graphic panels used in conventional lightboxes including:

  • Seamless graphic production up to 10m x 2m in a single panel.
  • More consistent print quality, eliminating problems caused by particles and bubbles in laminated graphics.
  • Lower material and delivery costs.
  • Reduced risk of damage during transportation and use.
  • No need for installation by specialist graphic fitters.
  • Perfect edge-to-edge graphic fitment, difficult to achieve with solid panels.
  • Greatly reduced CO2 emissions not just in manufacture and delivery, but also in post-consumer recycling.

Sublime Display

We use cutting-edge fabric print technology (aqueous based dye sublimation to be precise) for the ultimate in colour reproduction.

The ability to print to ultra-high resolutions with pinpoint accuracy means better CMYK reproduction than print for vibrant, stunning results.

Safe and Sound

Partition walls can be installed quickly while graphics can be changed discreetly without tools, mess or fuss.

All our fabric graphics are made from fire resistant materials and combined with optional sound insulation offers a unique, flexible solution for fast-moving retail and office environments.

Elevate your Brand

PhormTex can be used for all manner of suspended display features. With a little creative know-how cubes, banners, waves and curves can be produced to even the largest of dimensions.

Ideal for brands wanting to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Easy Care, Long Life

Once printed, the graphics can be washed to extend longevity. The fabric can be folded repeatedly for ultimate portability, and any creases can be simply ironed out.

Due to the print process the graphics permeate deep into the fibres. This eliminates the worry of fading, cracking or peeling for unparalleled durability.

Light on the Planet

All our fabrics are 100% free from harmful PVCs. In addition to this we offer a return to base recycling program for all graphics at the end of their useful life.

The ultra-lightweight construction and ability to package to an extremely efficient form contribute to tremendous energy savings, particularly in logistics.

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