Durable, lightweight, water resistant and eco-smart, ReBoard is the perfect solution for forward-thinking business.

The ReBoard design consists of a patented sandwich construction, creating a light product with excellent strength properties. In its basic form it has perfect planar flatness, superb thermal insulation and protection from a wide range of climate conditions.

Engineered Performance

ReBoard is a patented paper based board with a unique engineered fluted core.

Incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally rigid, it is the strongest board of its kind available today.

The fluted core enables a ReBoard sheet to be rapidly cut and folded into any conceivable shape, giving scope for endless design possibilities.

The specially-developed surface layer can be digitally printed or finished with decorative laminates for stunning, high-impact results.

Punching Well Above its Weight

Using ReBoard provides a massive 70-80% weight reduction over the same thickness of MDF or chipboard, giving a number of huge advantages.

Often a significant proportion of the overall budget, logistic costs are greatly reduced. More efficient logistics isn’t just good for the pocket – less energy and CO2 emissions benefit the environment too.

Handling and installation becomes much easier, often reducing the labour requirement and associated costs on site. In an industry with high levels of work-related injuries through poor manual handling, ReBoard construction has considerable health and safety benefits.

Low weight combined with strength and rigidity also enables us to produce more creative solutions such as longer roof and shelf spans or designing out support sections for a cleaner, more considered aesthetic.

Tough Love

Designed for durability, exhaustion tests show that once cut ReBoard can be folded thousands of times without failure.

It bends in a predictable, consistent manner and does not break under excessive pressure.

The surface layers are specially designed to prevent tearing caused by shear forces.

The SAS of the paper world, these properties ensure a durable and long-lasting solution which can be re-used over and over, maximising the return on your investment.

It’s tough, and we love it. We’re sure you will too.

Eco Smart

We love forests at Phormular, and situated in the heart of the National Forest we’re more aware how precious they are than most.

ReBoard is manufactured from 100% sustainable FSC certified forest sources and emits a whopping 90% less CO2 in production than the equivalent MDF panel.

The production process is the most energy efficient method available, utilising environmentally friendly materials throughout including water based adhesives.

Both the production process and the finished product are completely free from hazardous emissions including formaldehyde, present in MDF and chipboard.

As ReBoard can be recycled in normal waste paper streams, the end of life disposal costs are significantly reduced – great for your bottom line as well as the environment.

Clever, Strong AND Supportive

Sounds like the perfect partner, and in many ways it is.

The laminated sandwich construction combines light weight with excellent strength properties, making it the strongest board of it’s type on the market.

This makes it possible to produce platforms, ramps and large architectural features as easy to recycle as a sheet of paper.

Too good to be true? Not at all, just an example of how design-led construction leads to a better solution.

Durable Whatever the Weather

Thanks to a special water-proofing layer, ReBoard is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The patented symmetrical construction prevents bending or skewing in moist or humid conditions. We are so confident in these properties that when edge-sealed we offer a one year guarantee for outdoor use.

These unique properties, combined with paper-recyclability makes ReBoard the perfect choice for outdoor events and festivals.

An Eco-System

More than just a clever material; accessories, tools and fixtures specifically designed for ReBoard maximise design flexibility while ensuring minimum environmental impact.

From recyclable screws and screwdrivers shipped in-pack for easy on-site installation to unique connecting profiles for seamless wall panels, every component is carefully considered to make your display solution as efficient as possible.

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